How to Take the Worry Out of Installing or Fixing Tile Roofing

If you own a home or business, or you are building a new residence or commercial space, and you have decided that you want a roof made of beautiful, durable tile, then you are in the hunt for a good tile roofing contractor. You may already have discovered that not all roofers work with tile. It is a material that is installed and fixed according to its own set of rules and requirements; the guy who makes a living with standard asphalt shingles is not the person you want working in tile.

Why? From the preparation of the substrate – the materials in the sub-roof – to the precautions needed when walking around on the roof installing the tiles themselves, the work is specialized and you want a roofer for whom installation and repair is a specialization. Site: Put another way, you know that you are going to be paying more for tile (but getting a return on that investment in the long life of the roof). You want that investment protected from the point of installation through any repairs that must be made.

While tile is remarkably durable and long lasting, things happen that can cause individual tiles to crack, chip, or break, and they must be replaced. If you “inherited” a tile roof (you did not have it put in), and you need repair, stick with a contractor for whom tiled roof installation is a specialty. Why? It is simple logic: if they can put them in, they can fix them. Let’s say you have evidence of a leak. Especially on tile, the location of the moisture and the actual location of the breach are usually not the same – tile encourages water to travel. You want someone who can accurately figure out the source of the leak. If you did not have the roof installed, you may not have spare roof tiles. A qualified tile roofer may be able to locate used or new tile to match the existing material you have installed.

For new roofs, there are all types of tile: slate, clay, concrete and light-weight tiled roofing materials. Because there are so many variations, many a tile roofing contractor works only in tile, so that they can be fully versed in any style of material, and has crews that maintain a specialization, too. They keep busy. Tile is growing in popularity, from Italian retro to very modern homes and businesses.

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