Ideas for Easy Family Camping Meals

If you’ve ever pulled into a campsite late, in the dark, cold or rainy, hungry and grumpy you know how important it is to have some easy family camping meals at hand. We never plan our camping trips to have this happen, but sometimes it just ends up that way and you need a way to get folks fed in a hurry. Nothing cheers Healthy meals delivered people up on a cold dark night than a hot tasty meal. So how do you achieve this miracle?


The easiest way to have camp meals ready in a hurry is to plan them out at home ahead of time. This doesn’t mean that you need to have every meal and snack spelled out on a menu for each day. It does mean that you should plan and shop for meals that you can prepare easily in a camp kitchen. Do as much prep work in your home kitchen as you can to make it even easier. Plan a few one pot”emergency” meals that can be put on the table in a hurry like spaghetti, chili, soup, stew. Make them up at home, package them in 1-2 servings depending on the size of your crew. Freeze the ones you don’t think you’re going to need immediately and let them be extra ice blocks for your cooler until you want them.


I mentioned doing as much food prep at home as you can. It is so much easier to cut up your vegetables for a stir fry at home, package them in a plastic bag mix up a sauce in a jar ready to go then just need to cook your rice or noodles and your stir fry at camp. Other options for home prep are dry mixes. Put together your famous pancake mix or upside down cake mix at home, bag the dry ingredients in a plastic bag and label with what else is needed; milk, egg, water etc. Add your wet ingredients and mix right in the bag. Using sturdy storage bags make great mixing bowls, one less dish to wash!

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