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Should You Stay in Your Current Job Or Not?

When employees feel they are no longer happy with their current job due to several factors they decide to change companies. Sometimes a higher offer from another company can also be a great temptation. Whatever the reason, you must always give yourself some time to think first before making a decision you may possibly regret it in the end.

Before deciding to change careers, take out your pen and paper first and make a list of your own criteria for happiness and satisfaction. Identify ten of those criteria which may include what kind of role you want to play, what type of boss you would like to have, and others such as salary and location. You might also want to include the deeper factors such as skill development.

When you are done making your list, rate which criteria you consider the most important one for you. If you think a big salary is your priority at the moment, give it the highest score. There are also other factors to consider aside from salary so take some time to really weigh all of them and determine which the most important one of all is.

Another thing you should rate and evaluate is your options. Choose among you’re the companies you consider in transferring to can meet your needs the most. You can do this by gathering as much information about the company as can by reading the ads or asking some friends and people whom you know are connected to the company.

After doing your research, determine which companies can help you realize your dreams for the future. Ask yourself if working in one of your prospect companies will enable you to work to the best of your potential and be the person you want to become ten years or twenty years from now.

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When you are done assessing and evaluating things, your final step is to wait. Don’t go for impulse by quitting your job immediately after finding out that you would be happier and satisfied if you transfer to the company you have been targeting for a long time now. Remain patient. Who knows, maybe you’ll get the promotion you’ve been asking for a few months from now?

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