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Top 10 Movies of 2019

2010 is starting off to be a good year for movie buffs.

#10 How to train your dragon.
This is a great movie on my list you  yesmovie definitely have to take the kids to go see it. This was a great movie from start to finish. You don’t have to worry about crying kids for this movie it is fun for the whole family. The storyline is about a group of vikings that kill dragons because they believe them to be dangerous. One little boy goes against the norm and finds out their are more to dragons than meets the eye.

#9 Unthinkable
Another great movie the story is based on a American military specialist turned Muslim that plants three nuclear bombs off in three U.S. cities. The FBI and the military gets involved and brings in an unorthodox interrogator to try and find the locations from the prisoner.

#8 Clash Of The Titans
Another great movie to go see on a rainy day. This is a remake of the Old Clash of the Titan movie with characters like Medusa etc.

#7 Alice in Wonderland
This movie is absolutely spectacular the 3D version was excellent. This is another remake with various eye catching characters and lots of laughs. You will definitely leave this movie saying off with their heads. You will also want to jump down the rabbit hole yourself to go on your own adventure.

#6 Avatar
If you want to see a movie that is fun and full of action and adventure then you need to go see Avatar. This movie is about creatures called avatars that live in close proximity to a military base. This base has vehicles called Avatars that look just like the Avatar creatures and the humans go among the Avatars and try to learn their secrets. The military has another agenda they want to destroy the Avatars home so they can make money off of their resources. Its up to a select few to stop them and warn the Avatars before its too late. This was an excellent movie with a love story mixed in.

# 5 Nightmare on Elm street
If you want to be scared out of your pants then you need to go see the remake of the Movie Nightmare on Elm Street this is a good horror film. After you see this movie you may want to stay awake for a couple of nights.

#4 The Book Of ELI
This was a fantastic movie. This is one of those movies where everything comes together in the end. Denzel Washington did an excellent job in this movie as a hardcore mysterious stranger in town. Denzel is on a mission to protect a sacred book once the secret of this book is uncovered he finds himself fighting and on the run to keep his book safe.

#3 Shrek the Third
If you have seen all the other Shrek movies you need to buckle your seat belts because you are in for a wild and funny ride. This was his funniest movie yet and you get to see your favorite characters make you laugh one more time. This is a great movie for the whole family

#2 Iron Man 2
This movie had in your face action and adventure. If you thought Iron Man one was good then you haven’t seen anything yet. With an updated suit and a new sidekick this movie packs a powerful punch. The fight scenes are incredible and when he takes fly you go on a wild roller coaster adventure in the skies.

#1. Prince Of Persia
If you thought Iron Man 2 was good then Prince Of Persia will make it look like a walk in the park. This movie has action, adventure, love, and suspense all rolled up into one solid killer movie.

You will leave this movie wanting a sword. You cannot just watch this movie one time, this movie is that good. Don’t take my word for it go see for yourself.

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